What Marketers Need to Know About Influencer Marketing in 2021

Marketers should keep these top industry trends in mind as they work on their influencer marketing strategies this year.

What’s on deck for influencer marketing in 2021?

From everything we’re seeing, it should be a year filled with demands for creative production and on-point strategy. Here’s what’s on our radar for the upcoming year.

  1. Influencer marketing gains importance for ecommerce
    Covid-19 has spurred ecommerce to record levels of use. Mega-retailers like Walmart report a 97% increase in ecommerce and this acceptance will trickle down throughout the ecommerce world.

Experts suggest the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online shopping by about five years.

Along with traditional retail, social shopping is impacting the retail market. Gen Z shoppers enjoy browsing and shopping from social sites, and 77% of them said they respond best to advertising that shows people in real-life situations.

Influencers already excel at this and they’ll be invaluable for social shopping campaigns on Instagram shops, Facebook Shops, Pinterest Shopping and more.

What brands should do in 2021

With so many options currently in the market and new ones being tested and rolled out daily, it is imperative for marketers to think about how influencer marketing campaigns will drive ecommerce sales along with awareness and engagement.

Platforms are making it easier for brands to sell on social media, so take advantage of it and use your influencers’ expertise to capitalize on opportunities with social media buying.

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